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Medical office assistant courses at ACI

Students studying medical office assistant coursesAlthough it is possible to become a medical office assistant without specialized training, most job postings will require a post-secondary diploma or certificate. This is because the tasks of a medical office assistant require certain knowledge and training that would be difficult to obtain solely on the job. Medical office assistant courses include training in medical procedures, billing and bookkeeping.

The diploma program at Accelerated Career Institute (ACI) will give you the medical office assistant courses you need to be successful. As well, you will complete a practicum, so that you feel comfortable on the job when it’s time to get hired.

Required medical office assistant courses

You may already have some skills that will help you in your role as a Medical Office Assistant, such as typing and using Microsoft Office. You may have worked in offices before and have experience with answering the phone and providing customer service. However, there are other more specialized skills you can learn through medical office assistant courses.

Electronic Medical Record Software – Many patient records in today’s office environment are maintained electronically. This helps to ensure efficiency and provide better care to the patient. An office assistant needs to learn how to manage these records using the latest software. ACI’s Medical Billing course includes an introduction to the Oscar Electronic Medical Record computer software program.

Medical terminology – In order to communicate effectively with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, you will need to understand the terminology used in the medical field. This information will be useful in ordering tests, scheduling, writing reports and other tasks. Learning to be fluent in this terminology will ensure accuracy and help you assist with delivering high quality patient care. You will learn medical terminology in your Medical Science and Transcription courses.

Medical transcription – You may be required to produce reports based on the doctor’s information such as dictation or hand-written notes. This is called medical transcription. This information must be formatted and entered electronically. Medical transcription courses will teach you both the terminology and the procedures.

Clinical procedures – Although a medical office assistant can’t treat patients, they may be required to perform certain clinical procedures. You will learn about basic laboratory tests, medical office equipment, measuring and charting vital signs and how to prepare the exam room. This information will be included in your Medical Office Procedures course at ACI.

Practicum – Practicums are an essential part of medical office assistant courses. It will allow you to see how the knowledge gained in your program is used in the real world. You will get a feel for the procedures of a office and your role in helping to make sure everything runs smoothly. You will also learn how to multi-task effectively as most offices are very busy places. When you start your first job, you’ll have some experience and feel more confident that you have the skills to handle the challenges ahead.

As you can see there is a lot of specialized learning that takes place, before one can become a confident medical office assistant. However, taking medical office assistant courses doesn’t need to take you away from the workplace for years. The Medical Office Assistant program at ACI is only 22.5 weeks.

If you want to become a confident Medical Office Assistant, contact ACI today to find out if the medical office assistant program is right for you.