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Salaries: What do Medical Office Assistants make?

salaries calculatorSalaries for a medical office assistant in Canada can vary based on many factors:

  • Geographic location
  • Workplace
  • Years of experience
  • Qualifications

All the information provided here is an average assessment. For a full picture of salaries and benefits, review job postings and talk to people working in the field. You might consider creating a career alert on some of the major job boards so you can be notified of the latest job postings. These listings often state salary alongside the expected qualifications.

On average a medical office assistant who is just starting his or her career can make between $15 and $21 per hour in Canada.

Geographic location

The area that you practice may have a moderate affect on starting salaries. Medical office assistants in Calgary have reported higher starting salaries than those in Toronto.

Vancouver’s starting salaries are generally in the average range of $15 to $21.

Workplace salaries

If you work at a small office with one doctor you might make a lower salary than those who work in busy clinics. However, dental office assistants sometimes report higher salaries than office assistants working for general practitioners.

A large clinic may be busier, and you will be required to handle more tasks. In this case, you might earn a higher starting salary.

Some workplaces, such as hospitals, could be unionized, which means the union has bargained regular pay increases and benefits for its members. This may result in higher wages, though not in all cases. You will also need to pay union dues.

Years of experience

One of the major benefits of a career as a medical office assistant is the variety of tasks and knowledge you will acquire throughout your career. Many office assistants go on to acquire additional certifications. Some become office managers and start to oversee other staff. There is a great deal of growth potential in this career path.

As you progress in your career you may earn annual salaries in the range of $40,000 to $50,000.


While it is possible to become a medical office assistant without a diploma, it would be much harder. A Medical Office Assistant program gives you a firm foundation in the office procedures and medical knowledge that you will be expected to demonstrate on the job.

Starting off with the right qualifications will give you the best chance of making a solid career start in this exciting field. The Medical Office Assistant job outlook is excellent for the next few decades. As baby boomers age there will be increased demand for medical staff of all types in offices, clinics and hospitals. The demand for qualified team members may help to drive wages, benefits, and job stability for many working in this field.

If you are looking for a career with good opportunity for personal growth and excellent prospects for long-term opportunity, a Medical Office Assistant career could be the right fit for you. Contact us today to learn about the Medical Office Assistant program at ACI and to get started on your career.


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