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Medical transcriptionist training at ACI

medical transcriptionist typingIf you are interested in a career as a medical transcriptionist, you will find the Medical Office Assistant program at Accelerated Career Institute helpful in your career.

A medical transcriptionist needs to have a good understanding of basic medical concepts and terminology so that they can accurately transcribe information and prepare reports. That’s why having a diploma is so important to success in this field.

If you are considering a career as a medical transcriptionist, you should have good English language and typing skills. In addition, you should have a strong attention to detail and an interest in the medical field is a definite plus.

Become a Medical transcriptionist through the Medical Office Assistant program

There are several benefits to taking the Medical Office Assistant program as preparation for your career:

You will take two credits in which you will learn about medical science and transcription. As well, you will learn all of the office procedures required to work in a medical clinic or doctor’s office. Medical transcriptionists often handle the day-to-day office administrative work in smaller organizations. This can include answering phones, greeting patients and booking appointments. Having a wide variety of office skills will help you become an invaluable member of the team.

You will also learn basic computer skills, insurance billing and the software programs that are typically used in a medical office environment.

You will need excellent organizational skills to succeed as a medical transcriptionist. Reports must be completed in a timely manner to ensure the patient gets the best care possible. Depending on the work setting, you may need to balance your work with other duties. We’ll help you develop your skills so that you can excel in the workforce.

What are your job prospects as a medical transcriptionist?

Because of the complex information and the need for accuracy, employers hiring medical transcriptionists prefer those with a post-secondary education. Growth in this field is on the rise as Canada’s population ages and there is more need for staffing in all areas of health care. Some medical transcriptionists even enjoy the flexibility to work from home. After graduation, you may choose to pursue certifications so that you can progress in your career.

A Medical Office Assistant program will give you the flexibility to pursue your career goals. If you are ready to get started, contact us today.