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Job outlook for medical office assistants

hospital front entranceThe career of medical office assistant (MOA) has an excellent job outlook for the next 10 years in:

  • Entry-level positions available
  • Job growth
  • Room for advancement

If you are considering a career as a MOA, here are some facts about the job outlook in Canada

MOA job outlook in Canada

Overall, the outlook for jobs in Canada is fair to excellent. Some especially bright spots are the Maritimes, Quebec and Manitoba. Keep in mind that you would need to speak French fluently to work in Quebec.

While Ontario’s overall job outlook is fair, the area around Kitchener-Waterloo and Barrie in Ontario is experiencing a lot of investment in health care, which will increase the number of jobs available. The Niagara-Hamilton region also has large health networks and a growing population, which may drive growth in this area.

The only area in Canada where the job outlook is low is Saskatchewan, which is experiencing an economic downturn resulting in cuts to healthcare spending. However, Saskatchewan, like the rest of the country, is still experiencing the demands of an aging population.

If you are looking to make a career in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia, the job outlook in these areas are fair.

Trends driving job outlook

There are a number of trends that help to drive a positive outlook for newcomers to this type of position.

Moderate unemployment rates – There is room for improvement, especially in rural areas, but overall, Canada has a moderate unemployment rate.

Number of people retiring – The baby boomer generation is retiring, leaving a number of job openings for younger generations. Twenty to 35 per cent of the people working in this field are over 55.

Aging population – With a high demographic of senior citizens, staff is required at all levels of the healthcare system.

Population growth – Canada’s cities are experiencing a lot of population growth. Hospitals and clinics will need to keep up with the demand on services by growing their staff.

Job readiness trends

The most common qualification for a medical office assistant in Canada is a post-secondary diploma. This is one field where it is easy to find work immediately on graduation. A program such as the Medical Office Assistant diploma program at Accelerated Career Institute will give you the right skills in medical procedures, office tasks, computer software and billing that you will need to succeed from day one. As technology is always changing, you will need excellent computer skills to keep up with new demands as they arise.

Once you start your career in this field, there are excellent prospects for advancement. Medical offices like to promote from within. As you prove yourself professionally, you may find yourself taking on greater responsibilities and new job titles.

A career as a medical office assistant offers excellent growth opportunity, stable income and high employment rates. If you are ready to make your career move into this exciting field, contact us to learn about the program at Accelerated Career Institute.