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Educational requirements: Medical Office Assistant

Student studying - educational requirementsAlthough it’s possible that you could become a medical office assistant (MOA) with just a high school diploma, most positions will require a certificate, diploma or degree. Medical offices require varied and complex tasks from their MOAs. If you want to succeed in this field a certified program will help you. Beyond the day-to-day office tasks there are certain educational requirements that you will get from a certified post-secondary program, such as:

  • Insurance and billing
  • Software
  • Bookkeeping
  • Medical terminology
  • Clinical procedures
  • Medical ethics

It would be very hard to learn all the skills on the job, which is why a diploma is highly desirable.

What you will learn

You may already have some administrative skills. For example, you may have taken computer training, Microsoft Office and other courses at the high school or college level, or you may have used these skills in another office job.

However, the job of a medical office assistant has an additional layer of complexity as you will be expected to not only handle the administrative aspects of running an office, but you may also need to:

  • Take down vital signs
  • Handle lab samples
  • Perform clinical tasks
  • Bill patients and insurance companies
  • Write reports using medical terminology

There will be training in specialized computer software programs that will help you perform tasks, such as scheduling, bookkeeping, transcription and billing.

A medical office assistant program, such as the diploma program at Accelerated Career Institute will prepare you for these varied tasks.

Benefits of educational requirements

Every office has different procedures, so you will need to come prepared to learn on the job. However, most software programs have certain similarities, which will help you pick up skills faster. As well, knowing the medical procedures and terminology will help you avoid mistakes and feel confident in your role.

At ACI, you will also have the opportunity to complete a practicum so that you can experience the day-to-day tasks of being a medical office assistant. When you graduate you will feel confident that you can succeed in this challenging, but rewarding, role.

In the future, you may decide to build on your experience with certifications or continuing education in fields such as administration, laboratory assistant, nursing or other related fields. You may also find that it’s possible to advance in your role to positions such as office manager. An MOA diploma can set you on a path towards a life-long career.

To find out more about this exciting career field, contact Accelerated Career Institute and ask about our Medical Office Assistant program.