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Benefits of a medical office assistant career

Folders in officeMedical office assistant (MOA) is a growing occupation with a lot of potential career opportunities for the future. If you are looking for a job with stability, interesting tasks, room for advancement and great benefits, this may be the career for you.

Here are some of the top benefits of working as a medical office assistant.

Start your career quickly: The Medical Office Assistant program at Accelerated Career Institute (ACI) takes only 22.5 weeks to complete. Once you finish the program, you will be ready for work. Medical office assistant is one career where you can begin working in your desired occupation right after graduation.

Job prospects: There are plenty of medical offices that require the skills you will be obtaining in your program. It’s not difficult to find work in most major cities. Smaller towns may be more challenging. The outlook for medical office assistants is excellent with the demand for medical services high due to an aging population. A large number of people in this position are likely to retire in the next 10 years.

Hours: Unless you work in a hospital, you will likely have fairly regular hours. Most stand-alone clinics do stay open late or open on weekends to serve those with nine-to-five jobs. Some doctors’ offices will also have varied hours to better serve these people. However, the schedule is usually straightforward. Some people even specialize as medical transcriptionists so they can work at home. A career as a medical office assistant is great for parents because you will not normally need to work shifts or be called in to emergencies like other healthcare professionals.

Interesting tasks: Some people like the clinical tasks. Some like the administrative tasks. Others love serving customers. You day will be busy with lots of different things competing for your attention. For many MOAs this level of activity is very satisfying because they are never bored.

Helping people: As you work in this role, you will have the opportunity to meet many people from your community. You’ll develop patience and communication skills as you assist people with their appointments. You’ll be showing them to the exam room, taking down their vitals, assisting the doctor, and answering what questions you are able to answer. As an important member of the team you’ll feel fulfilled knowing that you’re helping people with receiving their health care.

Room for advancement: Many people take on more tasks during their career and move up the ladder to positions such as office manager or patient coordinator. Others acquire certifications or additional skills. Some become so interested in the medical field that they go back to school to become nurses or complete other diplomas or degrees. If working in the healthcare sector is right for you, there are numerous options for advancing your career, which is one of the greatest benefits of this role.

If you think a career as a Medical Office Assistant is right for you, please contact Accelerated Career Institute to learn more about our program.